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With your product content stored in a database and our easy-to-navigate user interface, you can add, edit and delete products and product categories on your own at any time - no programming required!

PartsDome sites are 3D-capable. Don't settle for a static image of your products.  Show how your products look and work, and even how they sound, in full 3D! And best of all, you can leverage the 3D models and assemblies that your design department is already creating in Mechanical Desktop and Autodesk Inventor!  Note: 3-D models require
3-D plug ins.   

Since many of your parts and designs are created in AutoCAD, we've made all PartsDome sites DWF-capable. You can use your existing exploded-view drawings and schematics to help your customers find the parts or products themselves - and order them on-line!

In many cases, the sale is made when the site visitor includes your product in their job specification. PartsDome sites support the downloading of specification documents (Word, WordPerfect, RTF or PDF) and detail drawings (DWG) so that it is easy for your potential client to specify your product - and they always have access to the most up-to-date information.

The sites support U.S. and Canadian currency, as well as federal and state or provincial tax structures (including provincial tax exempt status).

You can offer your client the option of making purchases using a purchase order and/or credit card in a secure manner.

Rate calculations for traditional shippers are supported (such as UPS, Purolator, FedEx, Canada Post, Loomis, etc.) as well as virtually any other shipper rate structure.

PartsDome sites are cost-effective, so you can launch your e-business with a projected return on investment that makes sense.

Sell your products and replacement parts around the world 24 hours  a day, 7 days a week with an  e-commerce enabled site from, an initiative of Automated Design Systems, a division of Avalanche Networks Corporation (CDNX:AVH).



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