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Plug-ins - Cult3D and Whip!

PartsDome sites allow you to leverage the 2D and 3D design data you are already creating with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and Autodesk Inventor by supporting the display of Cult3D models and 2D Drawing Web Format (DWF) files.

To view these types of images you need to perform a one-time installation of the appropriate plug-in for your browser. The installation will usually occur automatically when you open a page that displays one of these types of files. If you prefer, you can visit the links below to download and install the plug-ins directly from their developers.

here to download the Cult3D plug-in and click here to download and install the Whip! plug-in.

Note that you may need to reboot your computer for the Whip! plug-in to initialize after it has been installed. We have not found this action to be necessary after installation of the Cult3D plug-in.



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