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PartsDome is a division of Avalanche Networks Corporation that allows manufacturers to market and sell their products and replacement parts online in a secure and cost-effective manner.

PartsDome allows manufacturers to show their parts and assemblies in a variety of formats, including AutoCAD drawing (DWF format), 3D images and standard JPG and GIF images. Hyperlinks can be set up so that the user is taken to the correct part definition within the site when the part is selected on the drawing.

Manufacturers can use their existing shipping methods, the costs for which are automatically calculated using the weights of the products purchased and added to the invoice. Options, such as free shipping for orders over a certain amount and a standard handling charge, are available. Purchasers can enter up to 100 ship-to addresses for the products purchased, if the customer has multiple locations but one central purchasing contact.

At the manufacturer’s option, online customers can place their orders using a purchase order, or they can be asked to submit their MasterCard or Visa in order to pay for the items purchased using a secure online transaction process. Prices can be displayed in U.S. or Canadian dollars, as chosen by the visitor to the site. And the manufacturer can define their own consistent pricing strategy, complete with different price or discount levels. Minimum order values can also be established.

As orders are placed, the manufacturer contact is notified of the order by email and the purchaser is sent an email automatically confirming the items they have orders. As the items are shipped, the invoice number and shipping waybill numbers for the items can be entered online, which generates a shipping notifications and invoice for the purchaser.

PartsDome e-business sites are cost effective for any manufacturer to implement and they can be integrated into existing web-sites so that the look and feel of the e-business site is consistent with the manufacturer’s marketing site



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