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If you don't already have the Cult3D plugin installed, you should be prompted automatically to download it. If you are not prompted as such, please download the plug-in for your browser from the Cult3D site. Once you have installed the plug-in...

...interogate it!

To zoom in, hold down your right mouse button and drag downwards. To zoom out, right-drag upwards.

To rotate the model in real time, hold down your left mouse button on the model and move it around its center of gravity.

...and make it work:

Click on the eject lever on the side of the minidisc player. The minidisc tray will eject.

Click on the minidisc and it will return back into the minidisc player.


You can also assign sound clips to the model (not enabled on this model).

The benefits of this technology -- which is available on all PartsDome sites -- is that you can finally show your products' functionality on the internet -- and give visitors to your site the ability to verify that you have exactly what they are looking for!   Finally, this model is only 213k meaning that you can put your products on the web in a functional 3D format -- without requiring a supercomputer to view it! To learn more about getting your products on-line, contact your nearest 
Automated Design Systems
office or Avalanche Networks Corporation.



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